Love, Get Ready For Love

Love (AKA you), it is time to get ready for Love (AKA self-love, self-respect, self-growth, and a new way of living where you put YOU first) ❤

So, inevitably, you are not satisfied with your love life.

Maybe you feel insecure, or like you are not enough.

Maybe you struggle to use your voice and speak up for yourself.

Maybe you stay with partners who don’t deserve your kindness.

Maybe it is hard for you to exit the box society has put you in.

Maybe you choose discomfort for yourself in order to make others feel comfortable.

Maybe you give A LOT without getting much in return.

…and this can affect all areas of your life: jobs, friendships, romantic relationships, everything.

You might be thinking, "Uh, okay. It starts with me...Now what?"

That's where this program "Love, Get Ready For Love" comes in.

Imagine if you could (1) heal your past wounds (2) get in touch with your subconscious mind (3) uncover within yourself why you are making the choices you’re making (4) stop people pleasing, over extending yourself, or hiding your truth (5) become your own supporter and best friend (6) feel comfortable, and maybe even happy, single AND (7) prepare yourself for an aligned partnership (if you aren’t in one and desiring one).

You can find this and more through this one-month course!

What's Included

❤ Four 1-hour LIVE journaling workshops

❤ One self-transformation poetry e-book

❤ Homework after each class for the week ahead

❤ Community of women to heal and connect with

❤ Ryanna is available for questions/help outside of the workshop space

Breakdown of the four journaling workshops

Week 1: Healing From Toxic Relationships

Week 2: Becoming Your Own Best Friend

Week 3: Unleashing Your Woman Power

Week 4: Attracting A Healthy Partnership

In each 1-hour journaling workshop, Ryanna Hammond will lead you through two to three journaling exercises, affirmations, visualizations, personal stories, recommendations, poems, and words of encouragement to give you well-rounded help to help you change how you feel about yourself, romance, and how you interact with the world around you.

The e-books you can choose from

We Are Human - This is for anyone ready to start their healing journey.

Hearts Bruise Never Break - This is for anyone currently needing healing from a toxic or abusive relationship.

My Cup of Coffee - This is for anyone who thinks "What the hell is this whole weird life thing about anyway?"

The Door Between Us - This is for anyone who is ready to work toward becoming their own best friend.

Meet Your Teacher, Ryanna Hammond

❤ Teaching 1:1 and in group settings for 5+ years

❤ Bachelor's Degree in Psychology

❤ Master's Degree in Creative Writing

❤ 10+ years of self-development experience

❤ Attended a 4-month intensive therapy program

❤ Passion for helping others grow and expand their lives

If you TRULY want

❤ to be done repeating the same old patterns that leave you stuck and unhappy

❤ to stand up for yourself and use your voice

❤ to know your worth

❤ to harness deeper levels of self-love, femininity, and self-respect

And, for those of you who are single:

❤ to be ready for a true two-sided relationship: to find a healthy partner, to be a healthy partner, to have peace instead of chaos, to have laughter instead of tears

then you are ready for this!

The Nitty Gritty Deets

❤ The LIVE group journaling workshops will be held virtually on Zoom on Sundays at 4:30 p.m. PT (5:30 p.m. MT, 6:30 p.m. CT, 7:30 p.m. ET)

❤ This course starts on Sunday, June 30

❤ Course Worth $799.00 available for you for only $299.00

If you can't afford this...

Have no fear! Ryanna knows what it is like to be tight on money. That's why she offers her workshops in a couple ways.

Some of her workshops are always available on her website and can be downloaded for $20.00. Three of the four journaling workshops in this program are among those.

Though you won't get Ryanna's guidance, the community vibes, the e-book, or the full-circle help of "Love, Get Ready For Love," these are great options for folks looking for extremely affordable help.

Everyone deserves access to tools to help them grow!

Or...if you are ready to go all in...

to stop going through the same old cycle...

to see how YOU can change YOUR life and feel stronger, happier, and more powerful...

If you are ready to heal, to change, to grow, to feel happy whether or not you are single (and be ready to attract an aligned partnership into your life as a byproduct),

then sign up now for the "Love, Get Ready For Love" course.

(Pssst...I mean, there is a reason why you are still here reading and why you made it this far down the page, right?)

Remember this is a tight-knit, community-oriented course. If you don't sign up now but this resonates with you, then you will have to wait until the next time this course is offered!

Either way, I love you and I am sending you love and wishing you the best with your life and your love life! <3

Your friend,

Ryanna Hammond