Our Story

Our Name

Ryanna Hammond, All With Heart's founder, aims to live her life all with heart. In other words, she wants to be vulnerable, help the human species expand, share her passions, learn from others, be a student of life, and, ultimately, live a wild and free life with her heart wide open. She hopes that All With Heart will help inspire others to do the same.

Our Acronym

The "Heart" in "All With Heart" is an acronym that stands for "Helping through Education and Art." Our intention is to help people advance their minds and their lives through books, workshops, and 1:1 services. Each of these products is centered around either education or art, the two things at the heart (no pun intended) of our business.

Books = Art. Workshops = Art and education. 1:1 Services = Education.

Our Logo

Much of Ryanna's early life wisdom has risen out of her relationship with nature. Throughout her early twenties, she began going on solo trips to the United States National Parks. It is there where she truly began to develop a true relationship with herself and the world around her. Nature is at the core of her purpose and livelihood, and that's why the company's logo portrays a heart as the sun ascending or descending over a mountain range. First of all, to have your heart as the sun is a metaphor saying that your heart is full of shine, beaming out for the world. Secondly, the imagery of a sunset or sunrise (we'll leave it up to your interpretation) is a reminder that at any moment, on any given day, we can become new and rise like a sunrise; also, we can let go and release the old like a sunset.