Our Offerings


Ryanna's relatable and accessible self-help poetry collectionsthat involve mental health, growth, and self-love themeshelp you see that you (1) are not alone, (2) can heal from your past, and (3) can (and will) step into an empowered future.

Ryanna's novels and books are for your reading pleasure and hold important themes and motifs that shed light on various aspects of the human condition. 


Though these are writing-based journaling workshops that Ryanna offers, they are not intended just for writers. These workshops are for everyone. Each one centers around a specific theme, such as meeting your higher self, body positivity, or overcoming deep sadness. Within each workshop, Ryanna will share poems and stories, and lead you through an educational lesson, journaling prompts, and affirmations on the intended topic at hand. These workshops will help you (1) tap into things that may be hidden in your subconscious, (2) feel more connected to yourself, and (3) give you ideas to take forward, beyond the one-hour workshop, for you to enhance your relationship with yourself.



Ryanna offers an 8-week poetry course for 

  • Poets who want guidance, feedback, and help in the craft of poetry

Ryanna offers 6-week self-publishing coaching for 

  • poets and writers who are ready or almost ready to publish their book but are unsure where or how to publish and/or need help learning about ISBNs, self-publishing platforms, professionalism, book promoting, long-term selling, etc. 

Ryanna offers 4-week writing coaching for

  • beginner writers who are unsure where to start but know that they want to start taking writing seriously
  • writers who are working on their first book but feel stuck with moving forward and aren't sure where to go

Ryanna offers light, medium, and heavy copy editing services for

  • Poetry collections
  • Novel manuscripts
  • Children's books
  • Websites, journals, notebooks, and more