My Story

Mental Health Journey

Teen Years

When I was a teenager, I disconnected from my authentic self and became someone I didn't recognize. I was my own worst enemy. I was so mean to myself, and I believed that I was unworthy and unlovable. This led to many ailments from anxiety and depression to anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating. A few times during high school I even contemplated ending my own life. For years, I self-medicated the same way many do: numbing through ignoring issues, drinking on the weekends, watching excessive TV, or diving head first into new romantic relationships.

Early Twenties

In late 2019, at age twenty-two, I had an epiphany: I was the sole owner of my life. I was ultimately choosing (1) what I thought about and (2) how I was living my life. If I wanted different, I could make that choice at any moment. I decided that I wanted better for myself. I began journalling, meditating, and breaking away from my old lifestyle. I sought therapy, and eventually had a spiritual awakening (and then another, and another, and another).


During those years of struggle, I always wondered "Why me? What is all this for?" I now have the answer to those questions: I was meant to experience all of that and to rise above it to help other people who struggle with mental health and self-love. So, how can I help you today? Well, beyond my experience with these struggles and knowing exactly how you feel, I also have the educational background needed to truly give you well-rounded help.

Education Journey

Bachelor's Degree in Psychology

Due to all the internal struggles I faced, I chose to pursue a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology. While in school I wrote a lot of poetry that helped me heal and begin to see life in a new way. My entire college experience helped me to understand more about the psyche, the human condition, and many psychological ailments (and the treatments for them). Shortly after graduating, I attended an intensive therapy program for four months, wherein I dove into internal healing and learned vital mental health skills that I still utilize in my every day life. 

Master's Degree in Creative Writing

Throughout my late teens and early twenties, I was writing so much poetry in my free time that it could have been considered my full-time occupation. (Though, I was making $0.00 per hour for it.) At some point it clicked for me: if I am writing this much, I clearly have a passion for it. I decided to go back to school to obtain a Master's Degree in Creative Writing (graduating in 2024). I now write poetry, fiction, and nonfiction. Also, beyond healing subjects, I now write about wisdom, spirituality, nature, and more.


I have never been someone who likes just doing one thing, so it makes sense that my business is not centered around one specific thing. I have combined my life experiences and education to create books, workshops, and services that will help you (1) improve your writing skills, (2) expand your mindset, (3) enhance your relationship with yourself, and, ultimately, (4) change your life.