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Love, Get Ready For Love Course

Love, Get Ready For Love Course

This is a 1-month LIVE course for women that is intended to help them (1) find healing from their past relationships (romantic, platonic, and familial), (2) learn about their subconscious belief patterns around themselves and their approach to life and love, (3) feel happy whether or not they have a romantic partner, (4) harness their voice and power, and (5) become the version of themselves who is ready to bring in an aligned and healthy partnership.

What's included:

  • four 1-hour LIVE journaling workshops
  • one poetry e-book 
  • community of women to heal with
  • homework after each LIVE workshop
  • Ryanna is available outside of these workshops for questions/help

You can read in-depth about this course here.

After purchase, Ryanna will email you with the schedule and details for the course. 

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