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All With Heart

Skinny Dipping with Patience

Skinny Dipping with Patience

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Imagine this: Your romantic relationship ends. After taking some (or little) time to heal, you search for love again, hit it off with someone who’s hot, get together, and eventually break up. Then, you start the process over, all the while never spending much time truly alone with yourself. Does this process sound familiar?

Or, on the flip side, imagine this: You are scared of commitment, getting your heart broken, or losing your independence so you don’t put yourself out there at all. Does that sound familiar?

This poetry collection entails a couple's journey to raw and honest love, told from the woman’s point of view. Both partners break through their fears and commit to internal growth. This book tells a story, a poetic revealing to safety in a lover’s arms through poems about longing, self-reflection, change, and passion.

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