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All With Heart

Searching For Emiliano

Searching For Emiliano

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What’s supposed to be a typical Saturday, in a quaint suburb in the outskirts of Los Ángeles, turns into the start of a nostalgic story: Rachel Williams and Emiliano Morales cross paths during a soccer game in the city of Old Oak.

Rachel: White California Girl. Emiliano: Southern Califas Chicano. Rachel: Book smart. Perfectionist. Emiliano: Street smart. Laid-back.

Very different people from two very different worlds—and yet, in the midst of outdated beliefs, they are pulled together by otherworldly love. The connection they share is electrifying, and neither one of them has ever fallen so deeply for another person before. Their old school and modern world personalities light this journey through sports, music, pop culture, and, ultimately, self-discovery.

Drama. Joy. Lies. Truth. Fear. Wisdom. In the face of adversity, is love enough?

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