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Psychology of Romance FREE Webinar

Do you feel like you have bad luck with romance? Maybe you find yourself in situationships or with emotionally unavailable men? Perhaps you attract narcissist after narcissist? Or men seem to view you as an object and nothing more...using you, then losing you?

I understand your pain, frustration, and heartbreak; I have been there too. 

Double standards. Tears. Drama. None of my needs being met. Confusion. Push and pull. Gaslighting. Verbal abuse. Psychological abuse. I've seen it all.

That's why I made it my mission to understand the psychology of romance. Not only do I have a degree in psychology, but I have four years of post-college knowledge on the psychology of romance. 

Through this endeavor, I was able to transform my romance life. No more trauma, drama, and tears. I realized it was not luck that some people ended up in healthy relationships. There were tools, beliefs, subconscious patterns, and more that all impacted my romance life. Now, I stand up for myself. I ask myself if I am interested in someone rather than “Are they interested in me?” I pay attention to red flags. I do not let men disrespect me. I do not fear being single. I welcome love if it comes, and I don’t hold on to what doesn’t align. Most importantly, my life is whole whether or not I am dating someone.

Now, I want to help you create those same results. If you are done going about romance in an aimless way, tolerating mistreatment, or shooting arrows in the dark, I am offering a reoccurring FREE webinar on the psychology of romance. I'll tell you a bit about my journey and give you tools and tips to help you on your romance journey. You will leave this webinar with new clarity about why your romance life has been unsuccessful and have the tools to change it.

This webinar runs for about 1 to 1.5 hours. There are limited spots each time I offer this, so be sure to secure yours by signing up below to get this FREE knowledge to help expand your romance life.

I can't wait to see you in there, beauty!

Sign up here and we will email you the various date/time options and the Zoom link: SIGN ME UP TO CHANGE MY LOVE LIFE!

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